May 1, 2016

pineapple cover up tank WIP

Beginnings of a lacy pineapple stitch cover up tank to wear over a plain tank top. Once I master the pattern I can attempt modifications for my body :).

Apr 29, 2016

hairpin lace top complete - sort of

Yay, I finished the top but haven't yet blocked it, trimmed it or threaded in the tails. Mine is pretty close to the original pattern found here. I used our pondering wood sculpture to model it as cropped tops just don't work for me anymore. lol I think I'll try a few different patterns to see which styles of hairpin lace suit me by experimenting with joining techniques and combining it with broomstick lace and various forms of crochet.

Apr 28, 2016

hairpin lace top WIP

It's coming along. I still have to join the strips to the back and then join the sides and finish up trimming the edges. 

hairpin lace WIP coming along

My hairpin lace top is coming along nicely.

Apr 27, 2016

hairpin lace WIP cont'd

I finished the 12 strips of hairpin lace for my top. The above progress photo shows three of the front strips joined, two more to go, then the five back strips and the two long strips that form the sides and over the shoulders. I need many breaks as I have to sit up at the dining room table to keep them aligned and untangled while joining. I'm pleased so far :).

Apr 25, 2016

hairpin lace WIP

I've managed to complete 5 of the 12 hairpin lace strips for the top I'm hoping to crochet. Definitely getting better at keeping the stitches in the middle. This strip has 150 loops, so it's scrunched on the loom. 


Apr 18, 2016

warm weather crochet

I've been crocheting outside at the bistro the last few days and trying to decide on some warm weather crochet. I was at the mall today and see lacy "boho" (slang for bohemian - who knew? lol) crochet tops, vests etc. are in style. If I manage to make anything it will probably be the first time I've ever been in style. So, the Teal Lake cardigan will be relegated to the UFO pile while I experiment with some stitch patterns and techniques suitable for warm weather garments. 
open stitch pattern using a bamboo yarn

homemade hairpin lace loom
definitely need to practice my tension to keep the stitches centered 

Apr 15, 2016

back scrubber

I took a break from my cardigan to crochet this back scrubber for my hubby with the new Scrubby yarn and a free pattern from Red Heart.

Apr 14, 2016

cool stitch cardigan complete

Yay! I crochet seamed my cool stitch cardigan and it fits. No blocking, but now this is my new favourite cardigan, until the teal lake one is complete. lol