May 18, 2016

variations on a swing top

I ended up tearing apart (frogging) my tank top cover up. With a few stitch errors it just wasn't hanging right. I may attempt it again, but in the meantime I've crocheted up a couple variations of a swing top. The top photo shows the pattern using 4 weight cotton yarn and a 10 mm hook and the second photo shows the pattern using #3 fashion cotton thread and a 4.25 mm hook. I will have to modify the pattern if I want to make one to fit me in the #3 thread. The 4 weight yarn would fit, but seems a bit heavy for summer.

May 14, 2016

crochet tank cover up WIP

Blurry pic, but it's coming along nicely. A couple more rounds before joining for the armholes and then I'll continue working even in the round until the desired length is reached, probably another 20 - 30 rounds. Maybe another couple weeks.

May 12, 2016

crochet tank top cover up WIP

The cover up is coming along. A few more rounds and I can connect for the armholes and start crocheting even to the length I want.

May 10, 2016

crochet tank cover up WIP

I started this tank cover up yesterday using #10 cotton thread and a 2 mm crochet hook. It's a top down construction worked in the round and I'm winging it from a photo. I hope this one works out as I have enough thread for many more summer tops. Update: My pineapple tank is now in the UFO pile due to pattern comprehension issues. lol 

May 1, 2016

pineapple cover up tank WIP

Beginnings of a lacy pineapple stitch cover up tank to wear over a plain tank top. Once I master the pattern I can attempt modifications for my body :).

Apr 29, 2016

hairpin lace top complete - sort of

Yay, I finished the top but haven't yet blocked it, trimmed it or threaded in the tails. Mine is pretty close to the original pattern found here. I used our pondering wood sculpture to model it as cropped tops just don't work for me anymore. lol I think I'll try a few different patterns to see which styles of hairpin lace suit me by experimenting with joining techniques and combining it with broomstick lace and various forms of crochet.

Apr 28, 2016

hairpin lace top WIP

It's coming along. I still have to join the strips to the back and then join the sides and finish up trimming the edges. 

hairpin lace WIP coming along

My hairpin lace top is coming along nicely.