Jan 30, 2015

Amazing amaryllis

We received an amaryllis during the holidays and it has proven to be amazingly beautiful as well as art inspiring.

Here it is with multiple blooms.

All the blooms are gone now and the green leaf shoots have multiplied and are nearly two feet high. I will cut it down and store in a couple months and bring it back in the fall to hopefully bloom again next holiday season.  

It inspired my creativity. Wonderful way to start the year :).

Here's an example from a stencil I created and then airbrushed through on watercolour paper in ArtRage.
And here's a combined result of my carved rubber stamp with my cut and engraved foam stamp. Offset as my two stamps weren't exactly the same and I was experimenting on newsprint.
Stay inspired!

Jan 24, 2015

Art Studio ahhhhh

Whew, after a week of cleaning and reorganizing, there is room in my art studio to create again. I'll probably need the weekend to recuperate, but looking forward to enjoying my space :).

Stay inspired!